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Ruhani Puri is a Makeup Studio owned and run by Ms Puri herself; a Professional Makeup Artist and a Trainer.

The studio was established in 2017 however there is a journey prior to that which began with a graduation from Pearl Academy of Fashion in Fashion Media Makeup Studies and quickly became an obsession to learn more. Ms Puri sought the best in the business and travelled all over the world to receive professional trainings from names like Sukhi Sanghera, Namrata Soni and the Legendary Mickey Contractor.

Salute to the teachers and helpers and well wishers who made us build a rich portfolio of over 1000 bridal sets, countless party looks, fashion shows, celebrities makeups and our original style of “Contemporary Western-Desi” merge to give light to dark skin tone an extraordinarily compelling look.

Whether it’s a minimal application for a young woman or soft formal look that oozes confident, a fancy look for a function or an entire bridal ensemble, Ruhani has done it all. And done it so well for such a long time that people corner her and ask her to teach them.

Ruhani has been an advocate of sharing knowledge as her goal had never been business but making people look and feel their absolute best. There are over half a dozen courses in her repertoire that are taught all year long to small/ large groups.

R. Puri

“Anyone who sits in my chair is a celebrity”

Amritsar • since 2017

About Our Studio

Ruhani Puri Studio offers a place for clients and seekers of the “perfect look” and that’s why this place is always filled with people; both in, behind and the front of the chair. It’s the culture of inclusion and Punjabi hospitality that has blessed the house of Puri and it captures the hearts of whomever comes into contact with it.

A decade filled with knowledge, experience, accolades and unforgettable moments, Ruhani Puri has brought smiles to the faces of those who arrive doubting themselves and leave with a new found appreciation of who they become after a few strokes of mastery.

We never try to change our clients but only enhance that God has given them.

We, at the Ruhani Puri Studio, devote ourselves to Guru Ji and those who lift our spirits everyday by appreciating our work.