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Ruhani Puri Academy


Master Courses

For aspiring Makeup enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who wish to join the industry.

A comprehensive and detailed set of courses are designed over a period of 5 years after countless practice sessions, seminars, trainings and certifications.

The main objective of these trainings is to acquire a complete understanding of:

  • Types of skins
  • Skin tones
  • Cosmetics
  • Applicants
  • Color combinations
  • Contrast
  • Grooming
  • Styles
  • Techniques
  • Equipments
  • Hair
  • Ensembles
  • And much more

These trainings help one understand the trends and how to incorporate fine and yet slight touches to make big differences.

We offer classes for beginners to enthusiasts to those who wish to pursue this as a full time career. Our training is in-depth and involves real demonstrations and actual hands on, something majority makeup school do not offer, sadly.

Signing up for these courses is easy as it can be. Simply go though our course bookings and find empty slots. Signup for any of those and submit your course fee. As soon as we receive your payment, we will call you and confirm the transaction.

When you arrive, please be ready to observe, ask questions and avoid hesitating to take part in hands on sessions for without doing it yourself, you won’t be able to grasp it entirely.

Program Coverage

Online Workshop

  • Course introduction
  • Provide relevance and demographics
  • Either play pre-recorded tutorials or perform Live ones
  • Show before and after images for context
  • List of equipment and products used in the course
  • Pros and cons
  • FAQs
  • Q&As

Live Workshop

  •  Course introduction
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Video tutorials
  • Live demos
  • Practice sessions
  • Hands-on (model) live
  • Q&A s
  • Certification

Career Consultation

Our expertise do not stop at the craft for there is a business aspect to this profession which requires aptitude and management. Many new comers fail not because of their skill but due to lack of knowledge at the business management.

Ruhani Puri can provide cost, billing, inventory, facility, basic requirements, training of personnel, and even how to run accounts to venturing startups.

Hard work and focus mixed with passion and dignity can make the path easier for a life that deserves to be lived well. Let us show you and let us grow together.


After the workshops, Ruhani Puri provides Support to those who wish to run their work by a professional. For this purpose, Ruhani Puri offers a WhatsApp group for those who have taken our courses in person.

These groups allow makeup artists to share their work for critique, ideas and corrections. It can be daunting for one to be critiqued by their peers but we believe in fearlessness and the ambition to strive to be better no matter the consequences.


Level 1
Basic Hairstyling Course

15 Classes

Blow Dry Techniques


Straightening / Iron Curls

Roller / Tong Setting


Braiding Techniques

Bridal Bun

Level 2
Advanced Hairstyling Course

10 Classes

Retro Waves

Various Updos

Avant-Garde Hairstyles

Level 1
One to One

5 Classes

Choosing the right foundation

Concealing of under eye/blemishes/pigmentation

Highlighting & Contouring

Different types of eyeliner techniques

Nude to Smokey eyes

Blush / Lipstick application

Assistance in building kit for self as per budget

Level 1
Professional Makeup Course

20 Classes

Guidance on building kit on day 1

Introduction to skin / skin care

Tool Sanitization

Color Synopsis

Face Shapes

Makeup Dos & Don’ts

Concealer & foundation application

Highlighting & Contouring

Eyebrow Grooming & Corrective Techniques

Different Types of Eyeliners / application

All about the eyes: Nude, Smokey, Day, Night Looks

Mascara / Eyelash application

Blusher / Lipstick Application Techniques

Different eye liners

Saree / Dupatta draping

Assistance to create a makeup kit according to the budget

Study material & notes provided

Certificate will be provided at the end of course.

Level 1
Refresh Course For Makeup Artists

6 Classes

Trending Makeup Techniques

Contemporary Designs

Makeup Trends

Enhanced Product Knowledge

Q&A Session

Level 2
Professional Makeup Course

35 Classes

Photo shoot Makeup

History of Makeup

Makeup for Catwalks

Study Materials & Notes provided

Certification will be provided at the end of course.

Level 1
Airbrush Makeup Course

3 Classes

Introduction to airbrush makeup

Foundation Application

Highlighting & Contouring

Fantasy Makeup Techniques

Assistance in building airbrush kit & foundations

Certificate will be provided at the end of course.